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I’m posting a youtube video! AND ITS MINE!

I wanted to start using my youtube account more lately so I thought I’d… well, start makin’ some videos about stuff I like to talk about. Alexds1 had a pretty good suggestion for a first video that I knew I’d be able to make quickly since it was stuff I knew how to readily talk about, and required very little for demoing.

Elsewhere, Eesh! I’ve NEVER recorded myself before, either video or audio. This is a huge first for me hahah. (Hell I even hardly have any photos of myself.)

The original video was about 29 minutes long before I started making lots of cuts. (Now I see why people jump-cut so much! It’s easy to ramble without realizing it, so you gotta cut the fat out.) But it was still pretty long after that. So I used time compression to speed up the on-screen demo parts by about 23%. It sounded fine to me, but I realize now it may be a tad TOO fast for some of you. Sorry about that  … I’ll ease up on that sort of thing on the next video.

Not that this video is very heavy on learnin’ content, anyway. It’s pretty basic stuff, but hey, check it out anyway — no need to watch the whole thing if you know all this stuff already.

I’ll start making some real on-screen demo stuff soon, based on other suggestions I received on DA.

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